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Bimatoprost, the active ingredient in Latisse is an ophthalmic solution that is commonly prescribed for treating open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension. However, along the way it was discovered that one of the side effects of ophthalmic drugs with Bimatoprost, Travaprost, and Latanoprost was longer, fuller eyelashes. And what woman could say no to that? So Latisse is FDA approved to be sold as a treatment for hypotrichosis, a loss or reduction of hair, in particular, eyelash hair. As stated, this is a treatment and not a cure for hypotrichosis. The application technique is a little different than administering Latisse for glaucoma so talk to your doctor before attempting to apply as directed for fuller lashes.
How does the preparation work?

The main component of Generic Latisse is Bimatoprost. This fatty acid is an integral part of all cells in the human body.

Bimatoprost penetrates the hair bulbs and stimulates its blood supply. So the facilities for eyelash growth.

How should generic Latisse online eyelashes be used?

The preparation should be applied with a thin layer along the insertion of the eyelashes 1-2 times a day. It is not recommended to use the preparation of less than an hour before sleep. Avoid contact with generic Latisse in the eyes, nasal or oral mucosa.

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How effective is the preparation?

After 4 months of regular use of the preparation, you will not recognize your eyelashes, they will become:

  • 25% longer;
  • 106% stronger;
  • 18% blacker.
You must remember, that such a result is preserved only with the regular use of generic Latisse. If you decide to stop using the preparation, your eyelashes can go to the primary state. Nothing prevents you from using the preparation permanently. The clinical trials had not discovered any contraindications during the sustainable use of the preparation, this is why you can buy generic Latisse and maintain your eyelashes beautiful and luxurious for many years.

Can we use the preparation for stimulation of hair growth in the other points?

Despite the fact that generic Latisse is positioned only as of the preparation for eyelash growth, the action of the preparation is widespread for the eyebrows and hair.

After using generic Latisse the eyebrows grow much faster, and its density increases. Despite this, the producer does not recommend using the preparation for stimulation of eyelash growth somewhere except the eyelashes.

Does the preparation have side effects?

Generic Latisse has two main side effects:

The change in endovascular pressure expressed by the redness of the whites of the eyes and swelling under the eyes. This can be avoided, if the preparation is applied along with the insertion of the eyelashes and avoid contact with the eyes.

The appearance of the black stripe along the eyelid. It has no discomfort and makeup area, which is why most women don't miss it.

Can we buy generic Latisse online? Isn't it dangerous to buy the preparation on the Internet?

Thanks to its uniqueness one can buy generic Latisse, not in every online pharmacy. But you can buy the eyelash growth preparation from our site without problems. We guarantee prompt delivery and quality of production.

If you decide to buy generic Latisse from another online pharmacy, keep yourself under surveillance. Check supplier safety before ordering generic Latisse. This will help you get the original product and not be cheated by tricksters.

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